ATM Schools 2006

Sr. Order Dates School Venue
Annual Foundation Schools
 1 6 1-28 June Second Annual Foundation School-Part II BP and Pune Univ.
2 11 4-30 Dec Third Annual Foundation School-Part I  IMSc, Chennai
Advanced Instructional Schools
3 8 3-29 July AIS in Functional and Harmonic Analysis ISI, Bangalore
4 10 4-30 Dec AIS in Differential Geometry and Lie groups BP and Pune U
Workshops linked to Advanced Instructional Schools
5 12 11-24 Dec Workshop and Conference in Harmonic Analysis  IIT Kanpur
Schools for Lecturers (ATML)
8 7 5 June- 1 July ATM School for lecturers in algebra and linear algebra  IIT Bombay
9 9 6-18 Nov ATM School for lecturers in Multivariable Calculus  Pune Univ.