AIS Computational Commutative Algebra (2010)

Venue: IISER Pune
Dates: 17 Dec, 2010 - 4 Jan, 2011


Convener(s) Speakers, Syllabus and Time table Applicants/Participants


School Convener(s)

Name   Ravi A. Rao (TIFR), Vinay Wagh (IIT-G), Rabeya Basu (IISER, Pune)


Speakers and Syllabus 


No. Name Affiliation
1 Rabeya Basu IISER Pune
2 Amitava Bhattacharya TIFR
3 Pratyusha Chatterjee (Tutor) IMSc, Chennai
4 Clare D'Cruz CMI, Chennai
5 Anuradha Garge (Tutor) CBS, Mumbai
6 S. R. Ghorpade IIT Bombay
7 Sartaj ul Hasan (Tutor) DRDO
9 Selby Jose (Tutor) Ismail Yusuf College, Mumbai
10 Santiago Laplagne Universität Kaiserslautern, Raum
12 Mousumi Mondal (Tutor) IIT Bombay
13 Abdenacer Makhlouf Department of Mathematics, UHA
14 K.N. Raghavan IMSc
15 Ravi A. Rao (Organiser) TIFR
16 Andreas Steenpass Technischen Universit at Kaiserslautern
17 Sarang Sane TIFR
18 J.K. Verma IIT Bombay
19 Vinay Wagh (Tutor and Organiser) IIT Guwahati
20 Thomas Viji TIFR



 0. Review of Commutative Algebra (Rabeya Basu)

1. Basics of Groebner Basis and Monomial Ideals (Clare D'Cruz)

2. Groebner Fan and Polytopes (K.N. Raghavan)

3. Solving Polynomial Equations and Convex Polytopes (J.K. Verma)

4. Coding Theory (S.R. Ghorpade)

5. Invariant theory (R.A. Rao)

6. Integer Programming and Combinatorics (Amitava Bhattacharya)

7. Computational Algorithms in Commutative Algebra (Santiago Laplagne)

8. Computational Algorithms in Algebraic Geometry (Abdenacer Makhlouf)

9. Computational Homological Algebra (Andreas Steenpass)




(1) W. Decker, C. Lossen; Computing In Algebraic Geometry. A Quick

Start Using Singular (ACM 16, Springer, 2006)

(2) D. Eisenbud, D. Grayson, M. Stillman M, B. Sturmfels; Computations

 in algebraic geometry with Macaulay-2 (Springer,2001)

(3) G.-M. Greuel, G. Pfister; A Singular Introduction To Commutative

Algebra (2nd Edition)(Springer, 2008)

(4) Notes of the Workshop on Computational Commutative Algebra held

 at the Harish Chandra. Research Institute (HRI), Allahabad, India in

  December 2003.

(5) Notes of the Winter School on Algorithms in Invariant Theory and

Algebraic Geometry held at Dept. of Mathematics, University of Pune,

 India in December 1999.

(6) D. Cox, J. Little, B. O’Shea Donal; Using Algebraic Geometry, Springer


(7) B. Strumfels; Algorithm in Invariant Theory, Springer Verlag, 2008.

 Selected Applicants



No. Name Affiliation
1. Anuradha Garge CBS Mumbai
2. Alpeshkumar Dhorajia IIT, Bombay
3. Arideep Saha ISI, Kolkata
4. Chintapalli Seshadri University of Hyderabad
5. Ganesh Kadu College of Engineering, Pune
6. Joydip Saha Rama Krishna Mission Vivekananda University
7. Manik Dutta Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandira
8. Md. Ali Zinna ISI, Kolkata
9. Meghdut Hait Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandira
10. Mimansa Vahia CBS, Mumbai
11. Mousumi Mondal IIT Bombay
12. Nitin Aggarwal ISI, Kolkata
13. Pradip Karmakar Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandira
14. Pranabesh Das Rama Krishna Mission Vivekananda University
15. Pratyusha Chatterjee IMSc, Chennai
16. Prosenjit Das University of Burdwan
17. R Balkrishnan IIT, Madras
18. Sarang Sane TIFR
19. Sartaj ul Hasan DRDO
20. Selby Jose IY College, Mumbai
21. Shibsankar Maity Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandira
22. Shobhan Mandal University of Calcutta
23. Shreedevi Masuti IIT, Bombay
24. Soumyasubhra Chatterjee Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandira
25. Srayas Sengupta Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandira
26. Srikanth Ravulapalli University of Hyderabad
27. Subham Sarkar ISI, Bangalore
28. Sumit Kumar Upadhyay MNNIT Allahabad
29. Surjeet Kour IIT, Kanpur
30. Swapnil Lokhande IIT, Bombay
31. Tapas Pandit ISI, Kolkata
32. Thomas Viji TIFR


How to reach


Reaching IISER-Pune (Campus II) from Railway Station:

You can take an auto rickshaw from the railway station to Panchavati. It's about 10 kms and costs approximately  Rs. 90/-. The night charges are roughly 1.5 times.Warning : auto rickshaws  tend to  charge twice the price at nights.You can also take ST buses from Pune station to Panchavati (before Pashan Circle bus stop). Take any bus  going to Sutarwadi/Abhinav or 145 going to NDA (from Municipality stand take 110/109). Better ask before  boarding the bus. The bus stand is on the left hand side once you come out of the main railway station.  For people coming from Mumbai can also get down at Shivaji Nagar rail station.


Participants are requested to  report their arrival to the reception with invitation letter and photo identity proof. Participants are requested to  submit the room key to the security in their absence in the room.  Arrangements for break-fast, lunch and dinner are made at IISER-Pune Campus II for all participants and tutors from evening  December 12, 2010. Please tick at your name in the sheet which will be kept with the caterer any time in a day.