ATMW Computational commutative algebra and algebraic geometry (2012)

Venue: NIIT University, Neemrana, Rajasthan
Dates: 16th Jan - 28th Jan 2012


Convener(s) Speakers, Syllabus and Time table Applicants/Participants


School Convener(s)


S. Ramaswamy

Ravi A. Rao

Mailing Address Department of Mathematics,
NIIT, Neemrana, Alwar Dist.
Rajasthan - 301705

The focus of the school will be on high-level algebraic algorithms for applications in homological algebra, commutative algebra, and algebraic geometry. At the same time the students will learn through intensive exercise sessions in front of the computer how to work with the computer algebra system Singular, which is a major player in this area. Further high-level algorithms will be taught using the homalg subsystem of the computer algebra system GAP4.

Speakers and Syllabus 




1. Singular Tutorial (I-III):

• Getting started with Singular by examples
• Basic concepts of the mathematical background
• Singular as a Software: Resources and the Singular community
• Challenges in Computer Algebra
• Parallelization in Singular
• Schreyers Algorithm for syzygies
• Primary decomposition with Singular
• Noncommutative algebras

2. Classification of singularities (I-II)

3. Resolution of singularities (I-II)

4. Normalization, integral bases, adjoint ideals (I-II)

5. Bernstein-Gelfand-Gelfand correspondence (BGG), Tate resolution, and sheaf cohomology (I-II)

6. Homological algebra (I-IV)

• Constructive homological algebra
• Flatness, depth and Cohen-Macaulayness
• Local and global Ext-modules and extensions
• Spectral sequences and induced filtrations


Selected Applicants

First list of selected applicants

Sr SID Full name Gender State Affiliation Position in College/ Univ.
University /Institute M.Sc./M.A.

Year of Passing M.Sc./ M.A

Ph.D. Deg. Date
1 439 Dr. Clare D'Cruz Female Tamil Nadu Chennai Mathematical Institute Assoicate Prof  -  - 4 Jul 1998
2 523 Dr. Vinay Wagh Male Assam IIT Guwahati Assistant Professor  -  -  -
3 441 Dr. Anuradha Shripad Garge Female Maharashtra Center for Excellence in Basic Sciences Asst. Prof. IIT Bombay 2002 31 Dec 2008
4 496 Mr. Anjan Gupta Male Maharashtra Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Research Scholar ISI, Kolkata 2008  -
5 437 Mr. Sagar Kolte Male Maharashtra Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai. PhD T.I.F.R 2008  -
6 440 Mr Sanjay Kumar Singh Male Maharastra TIFR Research scholar  -  -  -
7 492 Mr Alpesh Kumar Dhorajia Male West Bengole ISI Kolkata Visiting scientist M.S. University, Baroda 2004  -
8 459 Mr Joydip Saha Male West Bengal Rama Krishna Mission Vivekanada University Junior Research Fellow Rama Krishna Mission Vivekanada University 2010  -
9 438 Mr. Nitin Aggarwal Male Delhi Indian Statistical Institute M.Math. Student  -  -  -
10 486 Ms Shreedevi Kalyani Masuti Female Maharashtra IIT Bombay Ph.D Student IIT Bombay 2008  -
11 501 Mr Rakesh Reddy Tippiredddy Male Maharashtra IIT Bombay PhD IIT Madras 2008  -
12 491 Mr Balakrishnan R Male TAMILNADU IITMADRAS PhD student IIT Madras 2008  -
13 451 Ms AMBILY A A Female Kerala Indian Statistical Institute PhD student Cochin University Of Science and Technology, Kerala 2007  -
14 500 Mr. Susobhan Mazumdar Male Tamilnadu Indian Institute of Technology Junior Research Scholar Indian Institue of Technology, Madras 2010  -
15 452 Mr Gaurab Tripathi Male West Bengal Jadavpur University. Phd Student Bordeaux and Padova University(jointly) 2008  -
16 489 Dr. Ramakrishna Nanduri Male Tamil Nadu Institute of Mathematical Sciences Post Doctoral Fellow Hyderabad Central University 2005 8 Nov 2011
17 508 Dr Nalleparampil Selby Jose Male Maharashtra Ismail Yusuf College Associate Professor Pune University 1991 22 Feb 2008
18 535 Mr. Krishanu Dan Male Tamil Nadu The Institute of Mathematical Sciences. Ph. D. The University of Burdwan 2008  -
19 484 Ms. PARANGAMA SARKAR Female Maharashtra IIT BOMBAY Ph. D IIT MADRAS 2011  -
20 473 Mr. Husney Parvez Sarwar Male Maharashtra IIT Bombay Ph. D IIT Guwahati 2010 -


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