ATMW Geometry & Topology (2012)

Venue: IIT Bombay
Dates: 20th Feb - 28th Feb 2012


Convener(s) Speakers, Syllabus and Time table Applicants/Participants


School Convener(s)


Anant R. Shastri

Mailing Address Department of Mathematics
I.I.T. Bombay
Powaim Mumbai, 400076

This workshop is primarily aimed at the research scholars who have attended AIS in Geometry/Topology at NEHU Shillong, during June 2011 . Of course it is open to all research workers in the country interested in Geometry/ Topology, with as much background in Geometry/Topology as these participants of AIS, if not more. The main theme of the workshop is the series of talks by Prof. F. T. Farrell on ‘Topological Rigidity’. Some of the other topics will aid in understanding this main topic.

Speakers and Syllabus 

List of Resource Persons and Topics:

1) F. T. Farrell: Topological Rigidity

Borel Conjecture. Let M and N be compact boundaryless manifolds whose universal covers are homeomorphic to Euclidean spaces. Then M and N are homeomorphic provided their fundamental groups are isomorphic.
Work on this conjecture is currently a very active area in topology. We will describe in this series of lectures the current state of this work and the tools needed to arrive at it.

2)  Himadri Mukherjee: Surgery on Compact Manifolds and L-groups

The general theory of surgery of compact manifolds with finite fundamental groups (in topological and pl classification context) is in place. However, when one actually deals with concrete examples this general theory is not directly applicable. So one needs to improvise the computations depending on the situation and appeal to the classical surgery exact sequence. The purpose of this series of talks is to develop surgery exact sequence and give some concrete classification results.

3)  P. Sankaran: Characteristic Classes

Axiomatic treatment, existence and uniqueness, Thom isomorphism theorem, Steifel Whitney classes and Pontrjagin classes.

4)  C. S. Aravinda: Farrell-Jones examples

Demonstrating the failure of smooth version of Borel’s conjecture.

5)  A. R. Shastri: Vector Bundles and Classifying Spaces

Generalities about Fibre bundles, Homotopy classification of numerable principal G-bundles, local coordinate description, change of structure groups, Computation of homotopy groups of classical groups and Steifel varieties.

6)  Akhil Ranjan: Kahler Geometry

7)  R. S. Kulkarni: TBA


Selected Applicants

The selected students will be provided with III-AC return train fare from their workplace to the venue of the ATM-school (IITB) and free accommodation and boarding on the campus (Main Guest House) strictly from 19th Feb to 28th Feb 2012. The selected participants should confirm their participation immediately by writing an email to anant.shastri at They should also communicate the arrival and departure details as soon as they are finalised.


Sr. SID Full Name Gender Affiliation State Position  in College/ University
University/ Institute M.Sc./M.A. Year of Passing M.Sc. /M.A Ph.D. Degree Date
1 444 Mr. Vidyasagar  Mysoremath Male Dept of Mathematics, Goa university Goa Research   Student Dept of Mathematics, Karnatak University 2008  -
2 449 Ms. Shilpa Suresh Gondhali Female Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai. Maharashtra Ph.D. University of Mumbai 2005  -
3 453 Mr. Sainkupar Mn Mawiong Male North Eastern Hill University Meghalaya Asst. Professor North Eastern Hill University 2004  -
4 458 Ms. Yajnaseni Dutta Female Chennai Mathematical Institute Tamil Nadu M.Sc. Student Chennai Mathematical Institute  -  -
5 460 Mr. Ramesh Kasilingam Male IIT BOMBAY Maharashtra PhD Anna University 2006  -
6 463 Mr Subhash B Male IMSc Tamil Nadu Post doc  --  - 13 Aug 2009
7 466 DR Bankateshwar Tiwari Male Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi UP Asso. Professor DDU Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur 1997 6 Nov 2001
8 483

Dr. Swagata Sarkar Female Indian Statistical Institute West Bengal NBHM    Post Doctoral   Fellow Delhi University 2003 29 Jan 2010
9 490 Mr. Akash Kumar Sengupta Male Chennai Mathematical Institute Tamil Nadu Student  -  -  -
10 511 Mr. Prateep Chakraborty Male The Institute of Mathematical Sciences Tamil Nadu PhD student University of Calcutta 2008  -
11 514 Mr. Susobhan Mazumdar Male Indian Institute of Technology, Madras Tamil Nadu Junior Research Scholar Indian Institute of Technology, Madras 2010  -
12 515 Mr Arghya Mondal Male Institute of Mathematical Sciences Tamil Nadu integrated  PhD  -  -  -
13 519 Dr. Mahender Singh Male Institute of Mathematical Sciences Tamil Nadu Post    Doctoral   Fellow St. Stephens College, University   of Delhi 2004 23 Mar 2010
14 527 Mrs. Mubeena T Female The Institute of Mathematical Sciences Tamil Nadu Ph.D University of Calicut 2006  -
15 529 Dr. Soumen Sarkar Male Indian Statistical Institute West Bengal Visiting       Scientist University of Calcutta 2005 31 Oct 2011
16 533 Mr. Rabiul Islam Male ST. XAVIER'S COLLEGE (AUTONOMOUS). West Bengal Asst. Professor Department of Pure Mathematics, University of Calcutta 2001  -
17 534 Dr. Bikram Banerjee Male Ranaghat College West Bengal Asst. Professor Calcutta University 2000 3 Mar 2008
18 540 Saikat Das Male  Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda University West Bengal Junior Research Fellow Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda University  2011  -



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HOW TO GET TO IITB IIT Bombay is located at Powai, which is an eastern suburb in the North-Eastern part of Mumbai.

Mumbai is in the form of a long narrow island, almost a peninsula, thrusting south wards into the Arabian Sea. It can be broadly divided into four zones. 

South Bombay (Colaba, CST,Fort, Chruchgate, Nariman Point etc.) 
Central Bombay (Dadar, Bombay Central, Worli etc) 
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There is also New Bombay (Vashi, Turbhe etc.) across Thane Creek on the mainland. 

Public Transport
Mumbai has one of the most efficient and reliable public transport network. One can travel by Autorickshaws / Taxis to reach IIT from the nearest stations(Autorickshaws, however do not go further south than Sion and Bandra). For longer distance, you can use either the BEST Bus Network or the Mumbai Local train System.

Suburban Railway Transport
Those coming by Central Railway Suburban train will have to get down at Kanjur Marg, Vikhroli or Ghatkopar which are the nearest stations from IITB. If you are coming by the Western Railway Suburban train you will have to get down at Andheri, Bandra, Goregoan or Malad. We give below the Road Network to reach IITB along with the approximate Bus/ Autorickshaws/ Taxi fare. (Click here to see the Road companion for IITB )