MPLW Syzygies and Free Resolutions (2012)


CMI, Chennai

Dates: 17th -28th Dec 2012


Convener(s) Speakers, Syllabus and Time table Applicants/Participants


School Convener(s)

Name Manoj Kummini D. S. Nagaraj
Mailing Address

Chennai Mathematical Institute,
 Siruseri, Tamilnadu 603103.

Institute of Mathematical Sciences,
 IV Cross Road, CIT Campus,Taramani
 Chennai Tamilnadu 600 113.


Speakers and Syllabus 

This workshop, which is organized as part of the Mathematical Panorama Lectures during the National Mathematical Year (2012) celebrations on the occasion of the 125th birthday of Srinivasa Ramanujan, will consist of a week-long preparatory workshop (17-22 December 2012), for graduate students and young researchers, on syzygies and free resolutions followed, in the next week (24-28 December 2012), by lectures on recent developments in this area. The principal speaker for the second week will be Prof. David Eisenbud (University of California, Berkeley, USA), who will give a series of lectures on free resolutions. In addition to Prof. Eisenbud's talks, we will have a series of lectures by experts in the area of syzygies and free resolutions.


The following speakers have agreed to speak at the workshop (24-28 December 2012). (Names marked with *denote tentative agreement.)

  • Srikanth Iyengar*, University of Nebraska, USA.
  • Jaya Iyer, IMSc, Chennai.
  • Vikram Mehta, TIFR, Mumbai.
  • Bangere Purnaprajna, University of Kansas, USA.
  • K. N. Raghavan*, IMSc, Chennai.
  • S. Ramanan, CMI, Siruseri.
  • Hema Srinivasan, University of Missouri, USA.


The speakers for the preparatory workshop (17-22 December 2012)

  • Krishna Hanumanthu, CMI, Siruseri.
  • Manoj Kummini, CMI, Siruseri.
  • Pramathanath Sastry, CMI, Siruseri.



Selected Applicants

Note:-  Accommodation is not applicable for entries mark in bold letters with asterisk.

Sr. SID Full Name Gender State Affiliation Position in college
1 2088 Ms Ambily A A F Karnataka Indian Statistical Institute Senior Research Fellow
*2 2059 Mr Suhas B N M Tamil Nadu IIT MADRAS RESEARCH SCHOLAR,
4   Ajay Chhabra     IISER-Mohali.  
5 2098 Dr. Pratyusha Chattopadhyay F West Bengal    
6 1872 Mr Vineeth Chintala M Maharashtra   TIFR
*7 2073 Mr. Krishanu Dan M Tamil Nadu   IMS
8 1970 Mr. Mrinmoy Datta M Maharastra   IIT Bombay
9 2097 Mr. Arindam Dey M Assam   IIT Guwahati
10 2123 Mr. Rajiv Kumar M Maharashtra   IIT Bombay
11 2110 Mr. Anjan Gupta M Maharashtra   TIFR
12 1770 Mr Premkumar K M Pondicherry Pondicherry University Research Scholar
13 2117 Dr. Mousumi Mandal F Genova University of genova  
14 2068 Ms Shreedevi Kalyani Masuti F Maharashtra   IIT Bombay
*15 2064 Mr. Susobhan Mazumdar M Tamilnadu IIT,Madras Research Scholar
16 1878 Ms Mandira Mondal F Maharashtra TIFR  
*17   Ramakrishna Nanduri     IMSc, Chenni  
*18 1757 Mr. Balakrishnan R M Tamilnadu IITMadras  
19 2109 Mr Athimoolam Ranganathan M puducherry    
20   Rakesh Reddy     IIT-Bombay  
21 1808 Mr Joydip Saha M West Bengal ISI  
22 2099 Mr. Husney Parvez Sarwar M Maharastra IIT Bombay  
23 2081 Mr. Anand Prabhakar Sawant M Maharashtra TIFR  
24 1767 Mr Sanjay Kumar Singh M Maharastra TIFR  
25 2121 Mr. Prasant Singh M Maharashtra IIT BOMBAY  
26 2103 Ms Kumari Saloni Kumari Saloni F Assam    
27 1817 Mr Amit Tripathi M Karnataka    
28 1779 Mr. Gaurab Tripathi M West Bengal    
29 1802 Dr. Anuradha Shripad Garge F Maharashtra    
30 2101 Dr. Shyamashree Upadhyay F Assam I.I.T Guwahati  
31 2080 Dr. Yashonidhi Pandey M Punjab    
32   Indranath Sengupta     Jadavpur University.  
33   T. Duraivel     Pondicherry University.  
34   Tony Puthenpurakal     IIT-Bombay.  
35   Alpesh Dhorajia     BITS-Goa  


How to reach


  • Airport: Chennai International Airport (code: MAA)
  • Chennai is well-connected by rail from various cities in India.
  • CMI is located in the Siruseri IT Park, off Old Mahabalipuram Road, connecting Chennai to Mahabalipuram. It is accessible by taxis from the airport and, additionally, buses from the city. Both the airport and the city are about 30km from the institute.
  • Getting to CMI