AIS Combinatorics (2014)

Venue: Harish-Chandra Research Institute,  Allahabad
Dates: 28th April to 17thMay


Convener(s) Speakers, Syllabus and Time table Applicants/Participants


School Convener(s)

Name S. D. Adhikari Satya Deo Thangadurai
Mailing Address Harish-Chandra Research Institute, Chhatnag Road, Jhunsi, Allahabad - 211019 Harish-Chandra Research Institute, Chhatnag Road, Jhunsi, Allahabad - 211019 Harish-Chandra Research Institute, Chhatnag Road, Jhunsi, Allahabad - 211019


Speakers and Syllabus 

Brief Description: To introduce some selected advanced topics in ‘Combinatorics’ to the young researchers who are doing research in the related area in India. We intend to cover Topological methods in Combinatorics, Algebraic Graph Theory, Zero-sum problems connected to Combinatorics and Number Theory, and Ramsey type results.

Objective: To introduce advanced topics in ‘Combinatorics’ to young researchers in India. In this school, we will cover the following topics:


  • Speaker: Professor Satya Deo (6 lectures)
    Title of lecture:
    Topological methods in Combinatorics
    Abstract and outline:
    A brief description of Simplicial Complexes and Simplicial Homology, the BorsukUlam Theorem- its discrete version as well as the continuous version, the Ham Sandwich Theorem, colored partitions and necklaces, Kneser conjecture and its proof.


  • Speaker: Professor Sharad S. Sane (6 lectures)
    Title of lecture: Advanced topics in Algebraic Graph Theory
    Abstract and outline: Cut and Flow Spaces, Bases and Ear Decomposition, Integer Cuts and Flows, Conjectures associated with nowhere zero flow, Chip Firing, Recurrent States and Critical States, Dollar Game and the Critical Group, Vornoi Polyhedra, Bicycles, Rank Polynomial and the Tutte Polynomial.


  • Speaker: Dr. R. Thangadurai (6 lectures):
    Title of lecture: Zero-sum problems in combinatorial number theory
    Abstract and outline: Davenport Constant, EGZ Theorem and its two Generalizations, Gao’s Theorem and Alon Dubiner’s Theorem.


  • Speaker: Dr. Gyan Prakash  (6 lectures)
    Title of lecture: Ramsey-type results
    Abstract and outline: Polynomial van der Waerden Theorem, Hales Jewett Theorem


  • Speakers: Professor S. D. Adhikari and Dr. Dibyendu De (6 + 6 lectures)
    Title of lecture: Ramsey-type results
    Abstract and outline: Theorems of Schur and its generalizations including Folkman-Sanders theorem and Hindman’s theorem; Combinatorial, ultrafilter and dynamical methods; Applications.


Speakers and Participants

Speakers: 6 Indian Speakers (2 out-station speakers)
Participants: 25 Doctoral (SRF) students (all are outstation)

List of Speakers.
1. S. D. Adhikari, HRI, Allahabad
2. Satya Deo, HRI, Allahabad
3. S. Sane, IIT, Mumbai
4. G. Prakash, HRI, Allahabad
5. Dibyendu De, Kalyani University, Kolkata
6. R. Thangadurai, HRi, Allahabad

List of Tutors
1. M. Chintamani, University of Hyderabad
2. B. K. Moriya, HRI, Allahabad
3. Maitra, University of Jabalpur
4. Eshita Mazumdar, HRI, Allahabad

Lecture Notes : We shall be giving lecture notes, related materials to the participants during the school.

Time Table
Morning two 1 and 1/2 hours talks meant for main topics. 6 speakers will cover their topics in 6 lectures each. After lunch, two one hour talk meant for Discussion and
Tutorials. We shall give the tentative time-table as below.

First Week

Date 09:30 - 11:00 11:30 - 13:00 14:30 - 15:30 16:00-17:00
28.04.14 Deo Sane Bhavin/Sane Maitra/Deo
29.04.14 Deo Sane Bhavin/Sane Maitra/Deo
30.04.14 Deo Sane Bhavin/Sane Maitra/Deo
01.05.14 Deo Sane Bhavin/Sane Maitra/Deo
02.05.14 Deo Sane Bhavin/Sane Maitra/Deo
03.05.14 Deo Sane Bhavin/Sane Maitra/Deo

Second Week

Date 09:30 - 11:00 11:30 - 13:00 14:30 - 15:30 16:00-17:00
05.05.14 Thanga Adhikari Eshita/Adhikari Chinta/Thanga
06.05.14 Thanga Adhikari Eshita/Adhikari Chinta/Thanga
07.05.14 Thanga Adhikari Eshita/Adhikari Chinta/Thanga
08.05.14 Thanga Adhikari Eshita/Adhikari Chinta/Thanga
09.05.14 Thanga Adhikari Eshita/Adhikari Chinta/Thanga
10.05.14 Thanga Adhikari Eshita/Adhikari Chinta/Thanga

Third Week

Date 09:30 - 11:00 11:30 - 13:00 14:30 - 15:30 16:00-17:00
12.05.14 Gyan De Eshita/De Bhavin/Gyan
13.05.14 Gyan De Eshita/De Bhavin/Gyan
14.05.14 Gyan De Eshita/De Bhavin/Gyan
15.05.14 Gyan De Eshita/De Bhavin/Gyan
16.05.14 Gyan De Eshita/De Bhavin/Gyan
17.05.14 Gyan De Eshita/De Bhavin/Gyan


Selected Applicants


Sr. SID Full Name Gender Affiliation State Position University / Institute M.Sc./ M.A. Year of Passing M.Sc./ M.A Ph.D. deg.
1 4742 Ms. P Saranya Female Sri sarada college for women Tamil nadu Ph.D Sri sarada college for women salem - 16 2011  
2 4753 Mr. N. Annamalai Male Bharathidasan university Tamil nadu PhD Student M.Sc. 2011  
3 4759 Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad Bhat Male University of kashmir Jammu and kashmir Ph.D. Kashmir University 2011  
4 4760 Mr. Hilal Ahmad Ganie Male University of kashmir. Jammu and kashmir Ph.D. Kashmir University 2011  
5 4762 Mr. Vishal Gupta Male Swami vivekananda subharti university Uttar pradesh Assistant professor IIT GUWAHATI 2010  
6 4878 Mr Mundlamuri Venkata Rao Male Velagapudi ramakrishna siddhartha engineering college vijayawda-520007 Andhra pradesh Assistant professor Scince college Nanded Maharashtra 1995  
7 4914 Dr Konda Srinivasa Rao Male Scsvmv university Tamil nadu Assoc. Professor J N T University 1993 6 Feb 2010
8 4924 Mr. Gaurav Tiwari Male Gautam buddha university Uttar pradesh MSc Student GAUTAM BUDDHA UNIVERSITY Awaiting Result  
9 4929 Mr Ravi Kumar Davala Male National institute of technology - rourkela Orissa Research Scholar Indian institute of technology kanpur 2007  
10 4933 Dr Ashok Kumar Goli Male M.v.g.r.r. degree college, bhattiprolu Andhra pradesh Reader OSMANIA UNIVERSITY, HYDERABAD 1985 4 May 1992
11 4948 Mr. Arindam Das Male Nit rourkela West bengal M.SC Student NIT ROURKELA Awaiting Result  
12 4966 Dr Reji Kumar Karunakaran Male Nss college, nilamel Kerala Assistant Professor Uty of Kerala 1996 4 Apr 2006
13 5007 Mr Sameer Ahmad Gupkari Male Govt degree college Jammu and kashmir Assistant Professor University of Kashmir 2003  
14 5060 Mr Pintu Debnath Male Department of mathematics, university of kalyani
Department of mathematics, university of kalyani
West bengal Research Scholar Jadavpur University 2012  
15 5117 Mrs Komal Pravin Wategaonkar Female Royal college of arts, science and commerce, mira road, thane Maharashtra Assistant Professor I.I.T., Bombay 2000  
16 5120 Mr Durai Baskar Arunachalam Male Mepco schlenk engineering college, sivakasi Tamil nadu Assistant Professor St. Xavier's College, Palayamkottai 2001  
17 5122 Mr Gurusamy Rajendran Male Mepco schlenk engineering college, sivakasi Tamil nadu Assistant Professor Ayya Nadar Janaki Ammal College, Sivakasi 2008  
18 5137 Mr Jervin Zen Lobo Male Agnel institute of technology and design Goa Assistant Professor Goa University 2012  
19 5184 Mr. Bhairunath Shivaji Satpute Male Vaidyanath college parli-v. Maharashtra Assistant Professor Shivaji Univercity Kolapur 2002  
20 5224 Mr Himanshu Ranjan Male Sobhasaria group of institutions Rajasthan Assistant Professor U. P. College, Varanasi 2004  
21 5233 Dr. Kunhanandan Mailattu Male Goa university Goa Assistant Professor University of Calicut 1989 20 Jan 2012
22 5262 Mr Kamalakshya Mahatab Male Institute of mathematical sciences Tamil nadu Senior Research Fellow The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai 2012  
23 5296 Ms. Samidha Yadav Female C.s.j.m university   MPhil Student C.S.J.M University(M.Sc.) 2011  
24 5298 Ms. Km Sweta Gupta Female C.s.j.m university   MPhil Student IIT ROORKEE(M.Sc.) 2011  
25 5306 Mr. Kamesh Kumar Male Gurukula kangri university Uttarakhand/ uttaranchal Research Scholar Gurukula Kangri University, Haridwar 2010  
26 5319 Mr Pandith Giri Mohan Das Male J.n.n.c.e Karnataka Assistant Professor Kuvempu University/M.Sc 2006  
27 5320 Dr. Manoj Kumar Patel Male Nit-nagaland Nagaland Assistant Professor VBS Poorvanchal University, Jaunpur 2004 1 Jul 2011
28 5322 Mr. Dilip Jain Male Teaching assistant at s.v.n.i.t., surat gujrat Gujarat Teaching Assistant IIT Delhi 2012  


How to reach

1.By train

Allahabad is well connected by train from various parts of the country. The most convenient trains from New Delhi to Allahabad are 12418 Prayagraj Express, and 12276 Duronto Express. Trains passing through Allahabad include 12311 Howrah–Kalka Mail, 12322 Mumbai–Howrah Mail, and 12669 Chennai–Chhapra Ganga Kaveri Express. For detailed information on these and other trains to Allahabad, please see the Indian Railways Web sites.

2.By air

There is a single daily flight, AI 9811 of Air India, from Delhi to Allahabad on all days of the week except Sunday. For details, please see the Air India Web site.

3.By road

Allahabad is 238 km. from Lucknow, and 125 km. from Varanasi. There are frequent bus services between these cities and Allahabad, typically once every half hour. Private taxis also operate on these routes.

The road journey from Lucknow to Allahabad takes about 5 hours. Buses leave Lucknow from the Charbagh Bus Depot, and terminate at the Civil Lines Bus Depot in Allahabad.

The road journey from Varanasi to Allahabad takes about 3 hours. Most vehicles enter Allahabad along the Shastri Bridge over the river Ganga. In that case, one reaches Chak, a place near the Institute (see below), before Allahabad city.

4.From Allahabad city to HRI

The HRI campus is at Jhusi, about 13 km. from Allahabad city towards Varanasi. The Institute operates a regular bus service from the HRI City Guest House, to the campus. Please see for the address and phone number of the City Guest House, and∼yashpal/busschedule.pdf for the timetable of bus services between the City Guest House and the campus.

If you are coming to Allahabad by train, then come out through the Civil Lines Exit of the station, and take a rickshaw or a tempo from the station to the HRI City Guest House. The distance from the station to the City Guest House is about 4 km.

If you are coming from the city to HRI by a vehicle other than an HRI bus, the following information may be useful. To reach the campus from the city, one goes along the Shastri bridge over the river Ganga. Three km. beyond the end of the bridge, along the Grand Trunk Road (G. T. Road), there is an HRI sign, where one should turn right, off the highway and into Chhatnag Road. This point on the G. T. Road is called Chak. The HRI campus is a further 3 km. from Chak, along Chhatnag Road. The entrance to the campus is about 100 m. before the Birla Guest House, an establishment owned by a private industrial company.