Annual Foundation School - Part I (2015) - JECRC University, Jaipur

Venue: JECRC University, Jaipur
Dates:  30th Nov to 26th Dec


Convener(s) Speakers, Syllabus and Time table Applicants/Participants


School Convener(s)

Name A. R. Shastri R. P Sharma
Mailing Address Emeritus Fellow
Department of Mathematics,
I.I.T. Bombay,
Powai, Mumbai 400076
Head and Professor
Department of Mathematics
JECRC University


Speakers and Syllabus 


30th Nov. to 26th Dec
  09-30   11-30   14-30 17-00–
  to 11-00   to 13-00   17-00  
  Lecture   Lecture   Tutorials  
I-week:30th Nov. to 5th Dec
Mon Analysis (ARS) Tea Algebra(PAS) L Algebra(PAS)(DK/KR) Tea
Tue Topology(BS) B Algebra(PAS) U Analysis(ARS/MJ/BS)  
Wed Analysis(ARS) R Topology(BS) N Topology(ARS/MJ/BS) A
Thu Algebra(PAS) E Analysis(ARS) C Algebra(PAS/DK/KR)  
Fri Topology(BS) A Algebra(PAS) H Analysis(ARS/MJ/KR) N
Sat Analysis(ARS) K Topology(BS)   Topology(ARS/BS/KR)  
II-week:7th  to 12th Dec
Mon Algebra(RS) Tea Analysis(APS) L Algebra(RS/DK/KR) D
Tue Topology(BS) B Analysis (APS) U Analysis(APS/MJ/BS)  
Wed Analysis(APS) R Topology (ATS) S Analysis(APS/MJ/KR) S
Thu Analysis(APS) E Algebra(RS) C Algebra(RS/DK/RK)  
Fri Topology(ATS) A Algebra(RS) H Topology(ATS/KR/BS) N
Sat Algebra(RS) K Topology(ATS)   Topology(ATS/KR/BS)  
  III-week:14th to 19th Dec
Mon Algebra(RS) Tea Analysis(PM) L Algebra(RS/DK/KR) A
Tue Topology(ATS) B Algebra(RS) U Analysis(PM/SK/BS)  
Wed Analysis(PM) R Topology(ATS)   Topology(ATS/BS/KR) C
Thu Algebra(RS) E Analysis(PM) C Algebra(RS/DK/KR)  
Fri Topology(ARS) A Algebra(RS) H Analysis(PM/SK/BS) K
Sat Analysis(PM) K Topology(ARS)   Topology(ARS/BS/KR)  
  IV-week:21st  to 26th Dec. 
Mon Algebra(KR) Tea Analysis(SC) L Algebra(KR/DK/ARS) S
Tue Topology(ARS) B Algebra(KR) U Analysis(SC/SK/MJ)  
Wed Special Talk by MSR R Topology(ARS) N Topology(ARS/BS/KR) Analysis(SC) 17-00–18-30
Thu Algebra(KR) E Analysis(SC) C Algebra(KR/ARS/DK)  
Fri Topology(ARS) A Algebra(KR) H Analysis(SC/SK/MJ)  
Sat Analysis(SC) K Topology(ARS)   Topology(ARS/BS/KR)  
  •  (PAS)Parvati Shastri (Mumbai Uni.)
  • (BS)B. Subhash(IIT Tirupati)
  • (APS)Anand Prakash Singh(Central Uni. Rajasthan)
  • (RS)Ritumoni Sarma(I.I.T. Delhi)
  • (SM)Sameer Chavan (I.I.T. Kanpur)
  • (ARS)Anant R. Shastri (I.I.T. Bombay)
  • (KR)K. Ramesh(ISI Bangalore)
  • (ATS)A. Tiken Singh(NEHU, Shillong)
  • (PaM)Parasar Mohonty (I.I.T.Kanpur)
  • (SK)Surjit Kumar(IISc Bangalore
  • (DK)Devendra Kumar(JECRC)
  • (MJ)Monika Jain (JECRC)
  • (MSR) M. S. Raghunathan (Special talk) On Inverse Function theorem (through analytic functions)
Actual Participants


 Sr.n SID Full Name Gender Affiliation Position in College/ University University/Institute M.Sc./ M.A. Year of Passing M.Sc./ M.A
1 3067 Mr. Subhash Chand Male Karnataka State Open University Student Karnataka State Open University, Mysore  Awaiting Result
2 3313 Mr. Ravi Sharma Male IIT, Mandi PhD University of Rajasthan Jaipur 2014
3 3510 Mr. Indra Bate Male IIT Kanpur MSc Student Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur  Awaiting Result
4 3520 Mr. Amit Roy Male IISER  Mohali PhD Student Chennai Mathematical Institute 2015
5 3677 Mr. V. V. P. R. V. B. Suresh Dara Male NIT Karnataka Ph. D. Student Andhra University 2008
6 3792 Mr. Jitendra Kumar Maurya Male B.H.U, Varanasi Ph.D. U.P.College,Varanasi 2012
7 3814 Ms. Ruchika Sehgal Female Indian Institute of Technology (IIT),Delhi PhD Hindu College,University of Delhi 2015
8 3967 Mrs Bhuvaneswari Ramesh Female Periyar University Lecturer Bharathidasan University 2007
9 4002 Mr. Manpreet Singh Male IIT Delhi PhD Punjabi University, Patiala 2014
10 4167 Mr Akmal Raza Male jamia millia islamia MSC PASSED student JMI / MSC MATHS WITH C.S. 2014
11 4519 Ms. Deepali Deepali Deepali Female Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and Technology PhD Panjab University, Chandigarh 2011
12 4752 Ms Shivani Goel Female UNIVERSITY OF DELHI MPhil UNIVERSITY OF DELHI , M.Sc 2015
13 4859 Mr Sumit Kumar Male IIT KANPUR M.SC STUDENT IIT KANPUR Awaiting Result
14 4917 Mr. Gurninder Singh Sandhu Male Punjabi University PhD Student Punjabi University 2011
15 4070 Mr Ganesan Kanagaraj Male Bhartidasan University Ph.D PSGCAS, Coimbatore. 2012
16 3019 Ms J Mahalakshmi Female Sri Sarada College for Women Ph. D student Sri Sarada College for Women 2014
17 3023 Ms. R. Malathi Female Sri Sarada College for women PhD Student Govt. Arts. College for women 2013
18 3783 Mr. Rahul Kumar Male BHU PhD University of Allahabad 2013
19 3397 Ms. Seema Mishra Female IIT(BHU) Research Scholar University of Allahabad 2012
20   Dr. Devendra Kumar   JECRC Universiy, Jaipur      
21   Dr. Monika Jain   JECRC Universiy, Jaipur      
22   Dr. Seema Tinker   JECRC Universiy, Jaipur      
23   Mr. Omprakash   JECRC Universiy, Jaipur      
24   Dr. Priya Gupta   JECRC Universiy, Jaipur      
25   Dr. Jagdev Singh   Jagan Nath Universiy, Jaipur      
26   Ms. Taniya   JECRC Universiy, Jaipur      
27   Mr. Mahesh Purohit   JECRC Universiy, Jaipur      
28   Ms. Kanchan Kumari   JECRC Universiy, Jaipur      
29   Ms. Prerana   JECRC Universiy, Jaipur      
30   Ms. Madhuri   JECRC Universiy, Jaipur      


 How to Reach

The JECRC University is located in Sitapura, the education hub of Jaipur. Jaipur is situated in Northern India at a distance of around 260 km south of Delhi.

By Road:

From National Highway 8: NH8 connects Jaipur to Delhi, Ajmer, Udaipur, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Mumbai one can  reach to Sindhi Camp Bus stand. From Sindhi camp which is 22 km

away from JECRC University campus one can take low flower AC 2 bus or bus no. 55. One can also get prepaid taxi’s for the JECRC University campus.

From National Highway 11: NH11 connects Agra-Jaipur-Bikaner one can reach to Sindhi Camp Bus stand. From Sindhi camp which is 22 km away from JECRC University campus one can

take low flower AC 2 bus or bus no. 55. One can also get prepaid taxi’s for the JECRC University.

From National Highway 12: Which connects  Jabalpur-Bhopal-Khilchipur-Aklera-Jhalawar-Kota-Bundi-Devli-Tonk-Jaipur. One can reach to Sindhi Camp Bus stand. From Sindhi camp

which is 22 km away from JECRC University campus one can take low flower AC 2 bus or bus no. 55. Prepaid taxis are also available from bus stand to the JECRC University campus.

By Train:

Indian railways connect Jaipur to almost all major cities of the country. There are three stops close to JECRC University: one on Durgapura, about 17 km from JECRC University, from

where one can hire a taxi to reach JECRC University, another at Ghandhi Nagar railway station, 18 km away from JECRC University, one can hire a taxi or take low flower AC 2 bus or bus no.

55 to reach JECRC University. The main railway station is about 23 km from JECRC University, one can take a taxi or low flower AC 2 bus or bus no 55 to reach JECRC University.

By Air:

JECRC University is roughly 12 from Sanganer airport, from there one can hire a taxi to reach JECRC University.