Annual Foundation School - I (2016) - IISER TVM




5th to 31st Dec, 2016


Convener(s) Speakers, Syllabus and Time table Applicants/Participants


School Convener(s)

Name Professor A. R. Shastri Assistant Professor Viji Z Thomas
Mailing Address Indian Institute of Technology (IIT, Bombay) IIISER Thiruvananthapuram


Speakers and Syllabus 


1) A R Shastri IIT Bombay
2)Parvati Shastri University of Mumbai
3)Viji Thomas IISER TVM
4)Radhika Ganapathy TIFR Bombay
5)Sandeep Varma TIFR Bombay


1) A R Shastri IIT Bombay
2) R R Simha Retired TIFR Bombay
3) Sivaguru S TIFR Bombay


1) A R Shastri IIT Bombay
2) Subhash B IISER Tirupati
3) Ramesh Kasilingam ISI Bangalore

Final Time Table

  09-30 to 11-00   11-30 to 13-00   14-30 17-00
  Lecture   Lecture   Tutorials
I-week 5th Dec. to 10th Dec. 2016
Mon Topology(ARS) Tea Analysis(RRS) L Topology(ARS/VT/RRS)
Tue Algebra(PAS) B Topology(ARS) U Analysis(RRS/ARS/VT)
Wed Analysis(RRS) R Algebra(PAS) N Algebra(PAS/ARS/VT)
Thu Topology(ARS) E Analysis(RRS) C Topology(ARS/VT/RRS)
Fri Algebra(PAS) A Topology(ARS) H Analysis(RRS/ARS/VT)
Sat Analysis(RRS) K Algebra(PAS)   Algebra(PAS/ARS)/VT)
II-week:12th Dec. to 17th Dec 2016
Mon Algebra( RG) Tea Analysis(RRS) L Topology(ARS/VT)
Tue Algebra ( RG) Tea Topology(ARS) U Algebra(RG/ARS)
Wed Topology(ARS) R Analysis (RRS) N Analysis( RRS/ARS/)
Thu Algebra( RG) E Analysis(SG) C Algebra(RG/ARS)
Fri Topology(BS) A Algebra( RG) H Analysis(SG/ARS/BS)
Sat Analysis(SG) K Topology(BS)   Topology( ARS/BS)
III-week:19th Dec to 24th Dec. 2016
Mon Algebra(SV) Tea Analysis(SG) L Algebra(SV/ARS)
Tue Topology(BS) B Algebra(SV) U Analysys(SG/ARS/BS)
Wed Analysis(SG) R Topology(BS) N Analysis (SG/BS/ARS)
Thu Algebra(SV) E Analysis(SG) C Algebra(SV/ARS)
Fri Topology(BS) A Algebra(SV) H Topology(BS/ARS)
Sat Analysis(ARS) K Algebra(VT)   Algebra(VT/ARS/BS)
IV-week:21st Dec. Nov. to 26th Dec. 2015
Mon Topology(KR) Tea Analysis(ARS) L Topology(KR/ARS/VT)
Tue Topology(KR) B Algebra(VT) U Analysis(ARS/KR/VT)
Wed Analysis(ARS) R Topology(KR) N Topology(KR/ARS/BS)(TBA)
Thu Algebra(VT) E Analysis(ARS) C Algebra(VT/ARS/KR)
Fri Topology(KR) A Algebra(VT) H Analysis(ARS/KR/VT)
Sat Analysis(ARS) K Topology(KR)   Topology(KR/ARS/VT)


 Two additional special lectures were given by Anant R. Shastri as follows:
1. 15th Dec 2016: Linear Algebra Proof of Fundamental Theoem of Algebra.
2. 16th Dec 2016: Basics of Topological groups.

Actual Participants 


Sr SID Full Name G Affiliation Position in College/ University University/ Institute M.Sc./ M.A. Year of Passing M.Sc./ M.A
1 8616 Mr. Bhuvan E Nalige M University of Mysore Ph.D Christ University 2011
2 8655 Mrs. Madhuri V F Sri Sarada College for Women PhD Student Sri Sarada College for Women Tamilnadu. 2014
3 8656 Ms. Rowthri M F Sri Sarada College for Women PhD Student Sri Sarada College for Women Tamilnadu. 2014
4 8711 Mrs. Meenakshi Prasad F Sri Sarada College for Women Ph.D Student Sri Sarada College for Women Tamilnadu. 2007
5 8745 Mr. Sandeep E M M Kerala School of Mathematics PhD Student IISER TVM 2015
6 8746 Ms. Tamilmani Jambu F Sri Sarada College for Women Ph.D Student Sri Sarada College for Women Tamilnadu. 2014
7 8770 Ms R.Eswari - Rajendran F Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli Ph.D Bharathidasan University 2012
8 8932 Mr Gokulraj S M Central University of TamilNadu PhD Student Pondicherry University 2015
9 9002 Ms Mohanappriya G F Kongunadu Arts and Science College Ph.D Scholar Kongunadu Arts and Science College. 2015
10 9006 Mr. J - Devendra M Yogi Vemana University PhD Sri Venkateswara University 2015
11 9080 Mr. Ilayaraja Maniprakasam M Periyar University, Salem RESEARCH SCHOLAR Periyar University, Salem-11 2012
12 9099 Mr. Sathishkumar G M Periyar University PhD Student Periyar University 2015
13 9100 Mr. Chandra Guru Sekar R M Nit, Trichy PhD College of Engineerning Guindy, Chennai 2014
14 9117 Mr Vignesh P M Thiruvalluvar University M.PHIL STUDENT Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda College, Chennai. 2015
15 9123 Mr. Abdulrqeeb Mohsen Ahmed Gubran M Aligarh Muslim University PhD Delhi 2013
16 9124 Mr. Sudhir Kumar M IISER Pune 4th Year Bs-Ms Student IISER Pune Awaiting Result
17 9127 Mr. Manjuram R M Periyar University PhD Bharathiyar University 2012
18 9146 Mr. Sreedeep C D M NIT, Karnataka PhD Student Integrated Msc 2014
19 9149 Ms Saranya Devi A F Ramanujan institute -madras university phd vellalar college for women 2015
20 9181 Mr. Chaitanya G K M NITK Surathkal PhD Student Mangalore University 2014
21 9190 Ms Sushmitha P F IIT Madras PhD Pondicherry University 2016
22 9196 Mr. Vijayanand V M Periyar University PhD Student Bharathidasan University 2015
23 9205 Ms. Manasa M F NIT, Karnataka PhD Student Mangalore University 2013
24 9225 Ms. Rashmi M F NITK Surathkal Ph.D. Student Mangalore University 2013
25 9262 Ms. Ramya Nair F IISER,Pune PhD University of Mumbai. 2015
26 9331 Mr. Joyentanuj Das M IISER TVM IPhD Student IISER TVM  
27 9346 Mr. Mohan Raj M Ramanujan Institute University of Madras MSc Student Ramanujan Institute ,University of Madras  
28 9360 Mr Ankush Kumar Garg M IISER,TVM phd university of delhi 2014
29 9370 Mr Jasraj Anil Date M Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology MSc Student Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology  
30 9388 Ms Nisha Sharma F Manav Rachna International University
phd Y.M.C.A. Faridabad 2013
31 9396 Ms Mallika A F Manonmaniam Sundaranar University DST-INSPIRE FELLOW(SRF) Manonmaniam Sundaranar Uinversity 2010
32 9417 Mr Yogesh Yogesh M IISER , TVM IPHD STUDENT IISER TVM pursuing
33 9453 Mr Saravanan V M Periyar University PhD Bharathidasan university 2012
34 9534 Mr Muhammed Rashad E K M IISER Tvm Msc student IISER TVM Awaiting Result
35 8654 Ms. Indumathi A F   Student Rajah Serfoji govt college 2013
36 9418 Ms. Priyanka Rana F IIT Gandhinagar MSc Student IIT, Gandhinagar pursuing
37 9022 Mr. Tata Sivaiah . M University of Hyderabad, Integrated MSc Student University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad Awaiting Result
38 9184 Ms Anu C F Zamorin's Guruvayurappan Guest Lecturer NIT Calicut 2015
39 9487 Dr. Anantha Kumar Ramasamy M Mepco Schlenk Engineering College Assistant Professor Ayya Nadar Janaki Ammal College,Sivakasi 2005
41   SHAKHADEEP MANDAL          
42   RICHA SINGH          
 43   PRIYANKA DAIMARY          
 45   KOMMA PATALI          
46   JINU MARY JAMESON          
47   GURUSAMY. R          
48   ANJANA. A.S          
49   AMRUTHA.P          
50   ABHIJITH MOHAN          
51   VISHAL KUMAR YADAV          


How to Reach


Detailed instructions to get to  IISER Thiruvananthapuram.
IISER TVM is located inside the College of Engineering Campus (also known as CET) in Sreekaryam, Thiruvananthapuram. It is not in the Vithura campus, but at the transit campus, and the detailed instructions are for the transit campus.

    1. From Thiruvananthapuram Central Railway Station :

  •     Take a prepaid auto by taking a Rs 2/- token.
  •     At the prepaid counter, ask for CET, Sreekaryam.
  •     The fare will be approximately Rs. 180/-.
  •     The distance from the Railway Station to IISER is approximately 13 Kms.
  •     There is a 4-way Jn. at Sreekaryam.
  •     Go past this Jn.
  •     The road will fork at Chavadimukku Jn., which is less than 1 Km from Sreekaryam Jn. At this point, there will be a board directing you to College of Engineering Thiruvananthapuram.
  •     From Chavadimukku Jn., CET is approximately 1/2 Kms.
  •     Anybody will tell you the direction to CET from Sreekaryam Jn.

    2. From Kochuveli Railway Station :

  •     This is a small station and some trains stop terminate there instead of Thiruvananthapuram Central.
  •     CET is much closer from Kochuveli Jn. There is a short cut and most auto drivers will know but Thiruvananthapuram Central would definitely be a better option.

    3. From Thiruvananthapuram Airport :

  •     There are two terminals. Terminal 2 is the international terminal, located at a place called Chackai. You will arrive at this terminal if you travel by Air India, Air India Express or sometimes Jet Airways.
  •     Directions are the same as coming from Thiruvananthapuram Central.
  •     Tell the taxi driver to go via Sreekaryam.
  •     Some taxi drivers tend to take you through the opposite direction called Manvila Jn,
  •     Terminal 1 is the domestic terminal, located at Shangumugam and is a bit far away. You will arrive here if you are travelling by Indigo, Spicejet,Jet connect etc.
  •     Directions are the same as above, as you will have to cross the international terminal.

    4. From the Bus Stand :

  •         All out-of-state buses will stop at Thiruvananthapuram Central Station, particularly those coming from Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

    5. From East Fort Bus Terminus :

  •     This is the main bus terminus.
  •     Ask for platform 5 (will confirm, am not sure right now).
  •     Ask for a bus to Chavadimukku or Engineering College, Sreekaryam.
  •     The bus numbers are 581, 666, 667 (some of these are A/C buses).
  •     Bus numbers 666 and 667 will not go to CET. You have to get down at Chavadimukku Jn.