NCM School proposal overview

National Center for Mathematic now invites proposals for organizing an NCM School. It is now possible for anyone to propose an NCM School which can be of following type:

  1. AFS
    The main objectives of AFS are to bring up students with diverse background to a common level and help them acquire basic knowledge in these subjects required in Advanced Instructional Schools. (Click here to know here about AFS)

  2. AIS
    Advanced Instructional Schools are organised for those students who have undergone training in the Annual Foundation Schools or who have studied the topics taught in these schools. An AIS is normally devoted to one subject or two inter-related subjects. (Click here to know here about AIS)

  3. NCMW
    Every AIS has a follow up workshop of one or two weeks’ duration. Workshops are devoted to current research topics. The workshops assume the syllabus covered in an AIS in the same subject. (Click here to know here about NCMW)

  4. IST
    The ISTs were started by NBHM in 2006. It was realised by reading the feedbacks from teacher participants in the AFS and AIS that there is a need to have separate instructional schools for mathematics teachers in colleges and universities since their background and needs are somewhat different from those of research scholars. (Click here to know here about IST)

  5. TEW
    TEWs are conducted by NCM with the financial support from Advancement of Arts and Sciences from India, which is known as ARSI. The objectives of these workshops are to introduce college mathematics teachers to interesting topics in the basic subjects they teach. (Click here to know here about tew)

If you wish to propose for a school you have to do the following things:

  1. Create an account on this site. (Use the following link for registration Register as proposer)

  2. Decide the type of the school you want to propose

  3. Read the detailed guidelines on the following link: Detailed Instruction for Proposal

  4. Submit your proposal (Login to the site is required)

  5. Deadline for submission of proposal of the school to be held in:

    1. January 2020 to June 2020 is 30th June 2019.

    2. July 2020 to December 2020 is 31st Oct 2019

  6. For any other clarification please communicate at the following email id ( TBA )