ATMW Harmonic Analysis (2012)

Venue: IIT Kanpur
Dates: 9th January to 21st January, 2012


Convener(s) Speakers, Syllabus and Time table Applicants/Participants


School Convener(s)

Name Shobha Madan Parasar Mohanty
Mailing Address

Department of Mathematics and Statistics,
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur,
Kanpur, U.P. 208016


Speakers and Syllabus 


Sr. Name Affiliation
1 Somesh Bagchi ISI Kolkata
2 Aline Bonami University of Orleans
3 Sudipta Dutta IIT Kanpur
4 G. B. Folland Univ. of Washington
5 Shobha Madan IIT Kanpur
6 Parasar Mohanty IIT Kanpur
7 E.K.Narayanan IISc Bangalore
8 Rudra P. Sarkar ISI Kolkata
9 S. Shrivastava HRI Allhabad

 Guest Speakers

Sr. Name Affiliation
1 A. Sitaram IISc. Banagalore
2 S.K.Ray IIT Kanpur
3 R.Rawat IIT Kanpur


Syllabus for courses of lectures

Speaker Lectures Topics
E.K. Narayanan 
3 Hilbert transform and Riesz Transforms
Sudita Dutta
4 Interpolation, Theory of Multipliers
Rudra Sarkar 2 Hardy-Littlewood Maximal function
Somesh Bagchi 3 Calderon Zygmund Theory, Rough Kernels
Saurabh Shrivastava 3 Littlewood-Paley Theory
Shobha Madan 3 Hormander, Marcinkiewicz Multiplier Theorem
Aline Bonami 5 H^1 & BMO
G.B. Folland 6 Pseudo Differential operators and T1 Theorem
Parasar Mohanty 5 Bilinear Hilbert transform and Carleson Theorem


Selected Applicants

First list of selected applicants:

Sr.No Name Affiliation
1 Ashisha Kumar
2 Suparna Sen
ISI Kolkata
3 Pratyoosh Kumar
ISI Kolkata
4 Pradeep Boggarapu
5 B.Sripathy     Anna Unniversity
6 Vivek Tewary IITK
7 Samir Shukla
8 Prakash Arvindbhai Dabhi
SPU, Gujrat
9 Vijay Kumar Sohani
10 Manas Ranjan Sahoo TIFR CAM
11 Ramesh Manna
12 Divyang Bhimani
13 Radhakrishnan. V.K
SCSVM, Kanchipuram
14 Jis Joseph
15 Qaiser  Jahan ISI Kolkata
16 Senthil Raani
17 Monojit Bhattacharjee
University of  Hyderabad
18 Rani  Kumari IITK
19 Dr. Anokhelal Pathak 
Bramhanand College, Kanpur
20 Rajesh Kumar Singh


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By Railway Kanpur is connected by rail with all metros, and with high speed trains from Delhi and Kolkata. The Delhi-Kanpur connection ranges from 5 hour travel in morning/evening to overnight trains. IIT Kanpur is about 16 kms from the Kanpur Central Railway Station. Taxis and Three-wheelers are available from the Cantonment side (Platform No. 1 side) of the Kanpur Central Railway Station. The rates are around Rs. 200/- to 250/- for a taxi and Rs. 130/- for a Three-wheeler. Visitors are expected to reach the Guest House (Visitors' Hostel) in the IIT-campus for accommodation.

By Road Kanpur is connected on NH2 running between Amritsar and Kolkata and connecting cities like Delhi, Agra, Allahabad, Patna. It is about 480 km from Delhi through this highway. Kanpur is also connected to Lucknow on NH25 and is about 91 km from Lucknow. Kanpur is connected to Delhi (440 Km) through another parallel highway NH81
and passing through Ghaziabad, Aligarh.