ATMW Chevalley Groups (2013)

Venue: IISER Pune
Dates: 13th to 25th May, 2013


Convener(s) Speakers, Syllabus and Time table Applicants/Participants


School Convener(s)

Name Anupam Kumar Singh      Shripad M. Garge
Mailing Address IISER Pune, Central tower, Sai Trinity building,
Pashan circle, Sutarwadi,
Pune. 411 021.
Department of Mathematics, IIT Mumbai, Powai,
Mumbai. 400 076


Speakers and Syllabus 


Brief Description of the Workshop:
Lie Theory is one of the important branches of mathematics. Towards this, an AIS was organised earlier (July 2011) in CMI where classification of the finite dimensional Lie algebras was done. The school also introduced some follow up topics such as Chevalley groups and Kac-Moody Lie algebras. The aim of the proposed workshop is to learn about Chevalley groups in detail.In 1955, Chevalley in his seminal paper `Sur certains groupes simples’ constructed certain groups starting from semisimple Lie algebras. The idea allowed him to construct certain algebraic groups over arbitrary fields and the F_q points of these groups turned out to be related to (finite) simple groups. The work of Chevalley was further generalised by Steinberg in 1959, ‘Variations on a theme of Chevalley’. Here he discovered many previously unknown finite simple groups.Chevalley groups are examples of algebraic groups defined over a base field. In fact, they constitute all semisimple algebraic groups over an algebraically closed field and all semisimple quasi-split groups over a base field. Thus the theory of Chevalley groups helps to understand algebraic groups better via some explicit examples.In another path breaking paper, `Générateurs, relations et revêtements de groupes algébriques’, Steinberg described presentations of Chevalley groups and their central extensions, which led to the definition of K_2 by Milnor thus opening a whole new chapter in K-theory.

Syllabus and Lecturer

Prerequisites : Finite dimensional simple Lie algebras, root systems.
Syllabus : Steinberg: Lectures on Chevalley Groups.
References :
1. Lie Algebra - Humphreys
2. Lie Algebra - Erdman and Wildon
3. Simple Groups of Lie Type - Carter
4. Groups over Z - Bertram Kostant


1.Anuradha Garge, CBS Mumbai. (Preliminary lectures: Appendix and Ch. 1, 2)
2.Shripad Garge, IIT Mumbai. (Basic theory of Chevalley groups, Ch. 3, 4)
3.B. Sury, ISI Bengaluru. (K-theory of Chevalley groups, Ch. 6, 7)
4.K. N. Raghavan, IMSc Chennai. (Chevalley groups as algebraic groups, Ch. 5, 8)
5. R. P. Shukla, Allahabad University. (Orders, isomorphisms and automorphisms ofChevalley groups, Ch. 9, 10)
6. Maneesh Thakur, ISI Delhi. (Twisted Chevalley groups, Ch. 11)
7. Upendra Kulkarni, CMI Chennai. (Representations of Chevalley groups, Ch. 12, 13, 14)

 Guest Speaker:
1. M. S. Raghunathan ( congruence subgroup problem)


1.Anuradha Ahuja, IIT Mumbai.
2.Anirban Bose, ISI Delhi.
3.Pratyusha Chattopadhyay, Munchen.
4.Preena Samuel, CMI Chennai.

Typical daily schedule:

9:30-11:00 11:30-13:00 14:30-16:30 17:00-18:00
Lecture 1 Lecture 2 Tutorial Extra lecture (if needed)


Selected Applicants

The following is list of selected participants for the workshop and conference on Chevalley groups.
  • All candidates are default selected for the conference.
  • The selected participants will be provided AC III train fare from their hometown/workplace to pune and back for the shortest route.
  • We request you to reserve your tickets quickly. You can plan to arrive on 12th May 2013 and leave on 26th evening (after 5PM) or 27th morning.
  • We will be happy if you confirm your participation latest by 15 March 2013 by sending an email to with subject line as 'confirmation'.

List of Selected Participatnts: 

  1. Ms. Shraddha Srivastava, CMI Chennai
  2. Mr. Muna Naik, NISER 
  3. Mr. Sarjick Bakshi, CMI Chennai
  4. Ms. Mitra Koley, CMI Chennai
  5. Ms. Ambily A A, ISI Bangalore 
  6. Mr. Viswambhara Makam,  CMI
  7. Mr. Rahul Gupta, IIT Delhi
  8. Ms. Dilpreet Kaur, IISER Mohali 
  9. Dr. Brajesh Kumar Sharma, University of Allahabad 
  10. Mr. Shiv Parsad, IISER Mohali 
  11. Mr. Sudipta Kolay, CMI Chennai
  12. Mr. Laxmi Kant Mishra, University of Allahabad 
  13. Mr. Neeraj Sangwan, IISER Mohali 
  14. Ms. Neha Hooda, ISI Delhi 
  15. Mrs. Radhika Mariyil Mohanachandran, IIT Mumbai 
  16. Mr. Ojas Ravikant Sahasrabudhe, IIT Mumbai 
  17. Mr. Vipul Kakkar, University of Allahabad 
  18. Dr. Kumar Balasubramanian, IISER Bhopal 
  19. Mr. Vineeth Chintala, TIFR Mumbai 
  20. Ms. Manjuraj S,  University of Hyderabad
  21. Ms. Saudamini Nayak, NIT Rourkela 
  22. Ms. Rekha Biswal, IMSc Chennai  
  23. Dr. Binod Kumar Sahoo, NISER
  24. Mr. Suraj Krishna M S, University of Hyderabad 
  25. Ms. Mandava Navya Teja, University of Hyderabad 
  26. Ms. Deevi Havisha, University of Hyderabad 
  27. Mr. Susobhan Mazumdar, IIT Chennai 
  28. Ms. Anuradha Ahuja, IIT Mumbai
  29. Mr. Anirban Bose, ISI Delhi
  30. Dr. Pratyusha Chattopadhyay, Technical University of Kaiserslautern / ISI kolkata
  31. Dr. Preena Samuel, CMI Chennai

Local Participatnts:

  1. Dr. Vivek Mohan Mallick, IISER Pune
  2. Mr. Punya Plaban Satpathy, IISER Pune
  3. Mrs. Ketki Kiran Kher, Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce, Pune
  4. Ms. Manidipa Pal, IISER Pune
  5. Mr. Sushil Bhunia, IISER Pune
  6. Dr. Rabeya Basu, IISER Pune
  7. Dr. Anisa M H Chorwadwala, IISER Pune
  8. Ms. Yasmeen Shameem Akhtar, IISER Pune


Resource Persons:

  1. Prof. Anuradha Garge, CBS Mumbai
  2. Prof. Shripad Garge, IIT Mumbai
  3. Prof. B. Sury, ISI Bengaluru
  4. Prof. K. N. Raghavan, IMSc Chennai
  5. Prof. R. P. Shukla, Allahabad University
  6. Prof. Maneesh Thakur, ISI Delhi
  7. Prof. Upendra Kulkarni, CMI Chennai
  8. Prof. Anupam Kumar Singh, IISER Pune