ATMW Topics in Algebraic Graph Theory (2013)

Venue: CEMS, Almora
Dates: 13th to 23rd Oct


Convener(s) Speakers, Syllabus and Time table Applicants/Participants


School Convener(s)

Name Sharad S Sane H.S.Dhami  Sanjay Kumar (Pant)
Mailing Address Professor,
Department of Mathematics,
IIT Bombay, Powai,
Professor and Head,
Department of Mathematics,
SSJ Campus, Kumaun University
Almora, Uttarakhand-263601
Associate Professor,
Department of Mathematics,
Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College,
New Delhi-110015


Speakers and Syllabus 


1.Central Theme:– Algebraic Graph Theory.

2.Confirmed speakers/Instructors:–

  • Arbind Lal , IIT Kanpur
  • M.K. Srinivasan, IIT Bombay
  • S.S. Sane, IIT Bombay
  • Niranjan Balachandran, IIT Bombay

 3.Special Lectures/Guest Speakers:–

  • R.B.Bapat, ISI Delhi

 4.Course Associates:–

  • Sanjeevani Gharge (SG) , Ruia College, Mumbai
  • Harshavardhan Mahara (HM), Research Scholar, IIT Bombay

5.Detailed speaker-wise Syllabus:–

  • Prerequisites: Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory
  • Speaker: Arbind Lal (AL) (7 lectures)
    Adjacency matrix, Perron-Frobenius Theory and algebraic connectivity (Chapters 3, 6 and 7 from Bapat)
  • Speaker:M.K.Srinivasan (MKS) (7 lectures)
    Basic matrix theory, interlacing and Laplacian (Chapters 8, 9,13 from Godsil- Royle)
  • Speaker: S.S.Sane (SSS) (6 lectures)
    Strongly regular graphs, equiangular lines and root systems (Chapters 10,11, 12 from Godsil-Royle)
  • Speaker: Niranjan Balachandran (NB)(6 lectures)
    Expander graphs, Ramanujan graphs and connections with eigenvalues and related algebraic graph theory
  • Guest Speaker:R.B.Bapat(RBB) (2 lectures)
    References for Syllabus:
  • (Bapat) R.B.Bapat: Graphs and Matrices, TRIM Series, Hindustan Book Agency.
  • (Godsil-Royle) C. Godsil and G. Royle: Algebraic Graph Theory, Springer
    (Indian Edition is available).
  • (Biggs) N.L.Biggs: Algebraic Graph Theory, Cambridge University Press.

Time - Table

Date 9.30-11.00  11.30-13.00 14.30-16.30 17.00-18.00
13/10/13 AL MKS SG/HM  
14/10/13 AL MKS SG/HM SSS
15/10/13 SSS AL SG/HM MKS
16/10/13 AL SSS SG/HM MKS
17/10/13 AL MKS  SG/HM MKS
18/10/13 AL SSS  SG/HM AL
19/10/13 SSS NB   NB
21/10/13 NB MKS SG SSS
22/10/13 NB RBB NB NB
23/10/13 NB RBB Valedictory Programme  

[Abbreviations of names used in the time-table above are explained in the
detailed- syllabus(subsection 5 of section 2)].
Tea Breaks—11.00-11.30 and 16.30-17.00
Lunch Break— 13.00 - 14.30
20 October 2013 Sunday— Trip to Binsar/Jageshwar
18 October Friday— Faculty Dinner.

Selected Applicants

Sr. SID Full Name Gender Affiliation State Position University/ Institute M.Sc./M.A. Year of Passing M.Sc./ M.A Ph.D. Degree Date
1 3988 Mr Mushtaq Ahmad Bhat Male Kashmir university. Jammu and Kashmir Ph.d Kashmir University./ M.Sc. 2010  
2 4001 Mr. Hilal Ahmad Kasie Male Kashmir university Jammu and Kashmir Ph.d Kashmir University/ M.Sc. 2010  
3 4003 Mrs Komal Pravin Wategaonkar Female Royal college of arts, science and commerce Maharashtra Assistant professor I.I.T. Bombay 2000  
4 4035 Mr Prasanta Kumar Sahoo Male Pondicherry university Pondicherry M.s.c Pondichery University Appeared  
5 4052 Mr. Debabrata Kumar Ghosh Male University of kalyani West Bengal Research scholar University of Kalyani 2006  
6 4071 Ms. Priya Das Female Iiser-kolkata West Bengal Ph.d. University of Hyderabad 2010  
7 4199 Dr. Mahesh N. Dumaldar Male School of mathematics,
Devi ahilya university
Madhya Pradesh Reader Shivaji University, Kolhapur 1993  1 Jan 1999
8 4080 Ms Anuradha Ambarishan Female Bharathidasan university Tamil Nadu Phd Annamalai University 2008  
9 4081 Dr. Kavaskar T Male Bharathidasan university Tamil Nadu Post doctoral fellow Annamalai University 2005 6 Aug 2011
10 4106 Mr. Kamesh Kumar Male Gurukul kangari university, Uttarakhand/Uttaranchal Ph.d. Gurukula Kangri University Haridwar-249404 (UK) 2010  
11 4110 Mr Sajith P Male Indian institute of technology bombay Maharashtra Ph.d. student Pondicherry University 2006  
12 4121 Mr Bipendra Singh Rawat Male Gurukula kangari university haridwar Uttarakhand/Uttaranchal Assistant professor HNB Garhwal University 2009  
13 4119 Mr. Suraj Shankarlal Meghwani Male Indian institute of technology - mandi Himachal Pradesh Research scholar University of Pune (M.Tech) 2012  
14 4168 Dr. Charusheela Mukund Deshpande Female College of engineering, pune Maharashtra Associate professor Indian Institute of Bombay, Mumbai 1986 6 Jan 2003
15 4192 Mr. Biplab Basak Male Iisc. bangalore Karnataka Research student IIT Kanpur 2010  
16 4200 Sanjoy Kalita Male Gauhati university Assam Ph.d(persuing) Gauhati university 2006  
17 4201 Mr. Joy Roy Male Gauhati university Assam Ph.d(persuing) Gauhati University 2010  
18 4207 Ms. Arti Pandey Female IIT Delhi Delhi Phd IIT Delhi 2009  
19 4215 Mrs. Papri Majumder Female Iisc. kudapura campus Karnataka Teaching assistant IIT Bombay 2012  
20 4104 Mr. Laxmi Kant Mishra Male University of allahabad Uttar Pradesh D.phil. student University of Allahabad 2009  
21 4016 Mr Francis . P Male Pondicherry university Pondicherry Ph.d Pondichery University 2011  
22 4229 Mr Mrinmoy Datta Male IIT bombay Maharashtra Phd student I.S.I. Bangalore 2011  
23 4015 Mr Raja - Vellaichamy Male Pondicherry university Pondicherry Phd Pondichery University 2011 24 Aug 2012