TEW Multivariable Calculus (2013)

Venue: TIFR, Mumbai
Dates: 15th -20th November

 Supported by the ARSI Foundation

Convener(s) Speakers, Syllabus and Time table Applicants/Participants


School Convener(s)

Name Siddhartha Bhattacharya Dhvanita Rao
Mailing Address School of   Mathematics, TIFR,
Homi Bhabha Road, Colaba,
Mumbai 400005


Speakers and Syllabus 


Proposed Scientific plan: In the proposed TEW, our theme would be Multivariable calculus with applications. We propose to have six mini-courses in this program each consisting of between two and four lectures. The rest of the time will be devoted to group discussions and tutorials.

Objectives : The objective is same as that of the proposed RMS-TEW. That is (i) to promote student-initiative activities at the UG-PG levels. (ii) to increase the knowledge of the fundamentals among college teachers. Emphasis will be given on basic examples and problem-solving..

Syllabus of the Workshop: The syllabus of the workshop has been designed in a way so that the major part of the workshop will be devoted to foundational aspects of the topic. The details of the courses are given below :

  • Course Title: Linear algebra 
    Speaker:  Nitin Nitsure
    Topics : Vector spaces and inner product spaces. Linear maps. Rank, determinant and volume. Vector calculus and its applications. (4 lectures).
  • Course Title: Differential calculus in one variable     
    Speaker:  Anand Sawant
    Topics : Continuous functions and differentiable functions. Computation of the derivative. Mean Value Theorem. Tests for local extremum. Applications. (3 lectures)
  • Course Title: Integration
    Siddhartha Bhattacharya
    Riemann integrations. Integrability of continuous functions. Fundamental theorems of calculus. Applications.  (2 lectures).
  • Course Title:  Multivariate calculus
    Amitava Bhattacharya
    Topics :
    Partial derivatives. Total derivative of a function. Computation of the total derivative. Chain rule. (2 lectures)..
  •  Course Title : Multiple integrals
    Speaker :  Sandeep Varma
    Topics :
    Definition of multiple integration. Basic examples. Fubini's theorem. Change of variable formula. (3 lectures).
  • Course Title : Inverse function theorem
    Speaker :   Arvind Nair
    Topics : Contraction mapping principle. Inverse function theorem. Implicit function theorem. (2 lectures).

 Professor MS Raghunathan will also be giving two talks in the workshop, giving an overview of the subject.

Participants : Participants would mostly be under-graduate college teachers. Preferences will be given to teachers from the region. We are expecting around  50 college teachers to participate.

Selected Applicants


Sr. SID Full Name Gender Affiliation State Position in College/ niversity University/ Institute M.Sc./M.A. Year of Passing M.Sc./M.A Ph.D. Degree Date
1 4826 Mrs Reema Deepak Khanna Female K.J.Somaiya college of science and commerce , Vidyavihar Maharashtra Mumbai Associate Professor in Mathematics University Of Mumbai 1991  
2 4822 Mr Prabhat Guruprasad Dwivedi Male Mithibai College Maharashtra Mumbai Asst. Prof. Mumbai 1996  
4 4834 Mr. Subhash Mallinath Gaded Male R.K.Talreja College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Ulhasnagar-03. Maharashtra Ulhasnagar Assistant Professor University of Mumbai 2008  
5 4828 Ms. Meenal Satyawan Kolkar Female St.Xavier's College Maharashtra Mumbai Assistant Professor Mumbai 2002  
6 4831 Mr. Gaurav Shantaram Jadhav Male Patkar- Varde College Maharashtra Mumbai Asst. prof. University of Mumbai 2011  
7 4838 Mr. Amish Navinchandra Thakker Male Smt. chm college Maharashtra Ulhasnagar Associate Prof. IIT-B 1994  
8 4833 Prof Shrikant Yadav Pkhle Male Wilson college Maharashtra Mumbai Prof mumbai 1987  
9 4832 Ms Leena Gopal Upadhye Female Jai Hind College Maharashtra Mumbai Assistant Professor Mumbai 1991  
10 4824 Dr Lalitha Ganesan Female Jai Hind College Maharashtra Mumbai Asso. Professor Kerala 1974 4 Nov 2005
11 4841 Prof. Sridhar J Male Siddharth College of Arts,Science and Commerce,Fort,Mumbai-23. Maharashtra Mumbai Asso. Prof. Bombay Univ. 1986  
12 4847 Mr Vivek Banwarilal Prajapati Male R.G.I.T. Mumbai Asst.prof. University of Mumbai 2011  
14 4820 Mrs Saee Aditya Joshi Female Ramnarain Ruia College Maharashtra Mumbai Assistant Professor IIT Kanpur 2010  
15 4825 Mrs. Dipali Anup Savant Female St. Francis Institute of Technology Maharashtra Mumbai Assistant Professor Mumbai University 2002  
16 4821 Ms Tejaswi Vilas Bane Female vidyavardhinis college of engineering and technology. vasai(w) Maharashtra mumbai lecturer university of mumbai 2009  
17 4823 Ms. Usha Ramlal Bag Female Shree L.R.Tiwari College of Engineering Maharashtra Thane Assistant Professor University of Mumbai 2006  
18 4840 Mr.Dipak Sandu Jadhav Male Smt.Chandibai Himathmal Mansukhani college , Ulhasnagar-3 Kalyan Maharashtra Assistant Professor University of Mumbai 2008  
19   Dhvanita Ravi Rao   Bhavan's college, Andheri          
20   Sudha R. Agrawal   K.J. Somaiya College, Vidyavihar          
21   Amit Gawade   Patkar College          
22   Mugdha V.Kurambhatti   Sathaye College          
23   Manisha Gangurde   Patkar College          
24   Manoj S. Narkhede   R.K.T. College          
25   Anuradha A. Namjoshi   Sathaye College          
26   Ashish J. Dhara   Siddharth College          
27   Ashok V. Bingi   St. Xavier's College          
28   Latha Mohan   G.N. Khalsa College          
29   Subhash I. Unhale   C.K. Thakar College          
30   Subhash Krishnan   K.J. Somaiya College          
31   Urmila Pillay   CHM College          
32   Mathew Samuel   Kirti College          
33   Chitra Paranjpe   Kirti College          
34   Sagar Rawool   Kirti College          
35   Tushar D. Parulekar   Watumull Engg. College          
36   Deepashri J. Hadphadikar   S.K. Somaiya College          
37   Ramsagar B. Yadav   D.J. Sanghvi College of Engg          
38   Arvind K. Mishra   Watumull Engg. College          
39   Savli D. Kamble   M.D. College          
40   Aarati S. Nayak   S.K. Somaiya College          
41   Ayesha R. Deshmukh   K.B.P. College          
42   Somnath B. Pawar   V.J.I.T. College of Engg          
43   Ganesh Dhamal   D.Y. Patil Univ.of Engg          
44   Vipin Dubey   K.C. College          
45   Ajit Gawande   K.C. College          
46   Varsha Pradha   K.B.P. College          
47   Alisha R. Banz   D.J. Sanghvi College of Engg