ISL Linear Algebra (2014)

Venue: CEMS, SSJ Campus, Kumaun University, Almora
Dates: 17th – 29th March, 2014


Convener(s) Speakers, Syllabus and Time table Applicants/Participants


School Convener(s)

Name D. P. Patil H.S.Dhami Sanjay K Pant
Mailing Address Department of Mathematics,
Indian Institute of Science,
Vice-chancellor, Kumaun University,
 Nainital 263001
Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College, University of Delhi, Karampura, New Delhi-110015


Speakers and Syllabus 


Module I (Vector Spaces)
Lecture I-1(Vector Spaces):Vector spaces, Subspaces, Linear System of equations, Gauss Elimination.
Lecture I-2(Bases and Dimension): Generating systems, Bases and Dimensions of vector spaces.
Lecture I-3(Linear Maps): Linear Maps, Space of Linear maps, Linear maps and bases.
Lecture I-4(Affine Spaces): Affine spaces and affine subspaces, Affine maps, reflections,rotations, Affine groups, Description of affine groups in dimension 2 and 3.
Lecture I-5(The rank theorem): The rank theorem, Direct sums and projections.
Lecture I-6(Dual Spaces): Dual spaces, dual bases, dual of a linear map, hyperplanes, Quotient spaces, codimension, isomorphism theorems, Group actions.
Instructor :
Prof. J.K. Verma(JKV), Department of Mathematics, IIT Bombay-400076 (jkv at
Tutor : TBA

Module II (Matrices and Determinants)
Lecture II-1(Matrices): The matrix of a linear map, relation to change of bases, inverties, transpose, Rank of matrices, row rank, column rank.
Lecture II-2(Elementary Matrices): Elementary matrices, Elementary operations.
Lecture II-3(Determinants): Permutations, Canonical decomposition, Signature, Symmetric and Alternative groups, Multi-linear maps, Determinant functions.
Lecture II-4(Computational Rules): Computational rules for Determinants, Expansion of determinants in terms of rows and columns,
Adjoint formula, Cramer’s rule.
Lecture II-5(Dual Spaces): Determinant of a linear map.
Lecture II-6(Determinants and Volumes): Orientations and Volumes.
Instructor : Prof. S.A. Katre(SAK), Department of Mathematics, University of Pune, Pune-400007(sakatre at
Tutor : TBA

Module III (Linear Operators)
Lecture III-1(Polynomial algebras): Polynomials over a field, Division with remainder, Prime polynomials, Euclid’s lemma, Uniqueness of prime decomposition, Zeroes of polynomials, Prime polynomials in Q[X], R[X] and in C[X].Eisenstein irreducibility criterion.
Lecture III-2(Characteristic polynomial and minimal polynomial): Eigen-values, Spectrum, Characteristic polynomial, Cayley Hamilton theorem, Companion matrices, Invariant subspaces.
Lecture III-3(Diagonalizable and Triangulable operators): Eigenspaces, Algebraic and geometric multiplicities, Characterization of diagonalizable and triangulable operators.
Lecture III-4(Some decomposition Theorems): Primary decomposition theorem, Additive and multiplicative canonical decompositions.
Lecture III-5(The Jordan Normal forms): Jordan Normal forms
Lecture III-6(Applications): System of linear differential equations with constant coefficients.
Instructor : Prof. S.R. Ghorpade(SRG), Department of Mathematics, IIT Bombay-400076 (srg at
Tutor: TBA

Module IV (Sesqui-linear forms)
Lecture IV-1(Bilinear and Sesqui-linear forms):Sesqui-linear functions, Gram’s matrix and Gram; criterion.
Lecture IV-2(Duality and Orthogonalisation): Non-degeneracy and complete duality, Symmetric and Complex Hermitian forms, Schmidt’s orthogonalisation. .
Lecture IV-3(Types of hermitian forms): Sylvester’s Law of inertia and Hurwitz’s criterion.
Lecture IV-4(Vector spaces with scalar products): Scalar products, Cauchy-Schwartz inequality, Minkowski’s inequality,Orthogonal
projections, Bassel’s inequality, Vector products, Volumes in Euclidean spaces, Volume of the paralleotops.
Lecture IV-5(Isometries): Linear isometry and affine isometries, Rigid motions, especially of R2 and R3 .
Lecture IV-6(The Spectral Theorems): Self-adjoint and Normal operators, Principal axis theorem.
Instructor : Prof. D.P. Patil(DPP), Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Science,Bangalore-560012(patil at
Tutor: TBA

1. Artin,M.:Algebra, Prentice Hall, 1994.
2. Halmos,P.R.:Finite-Dimensional Vector Spaces, Springer-Verlag, 1993.
3. Herstein,I.N.:Topics in Algebra, Wiley Eastern, 1987.
4. Hoffman,K. and Kunze,R.:Linear Algebra, Prentice-Hall, 1972.
5. Jacobson,N.:Basic Algebra, Vols I and II, Hindustan Pub.Co.,1984.
6. Greub,W.:Linear Algebra, Springer-Verlag, GTM 97,(4th ed.), 1981.

Tentative Time-table

Date 9.30-11.00  11.30-13.00  14.30-15.30  16.00-17.00
17/3/14 JKV SAK T1 T2
18/3/14 JKV SAK T3 T4
19/3/14 JKV SAK T5 T6
20/3/14 JKV SAK T7 T8
21/3/14 JKV SAK T9 T10
22/3/14 JKV SAK T11 T12
24/3/14 SRG DPP T13 T14
25/3/14 SRG DPP T15 T16
26/3/14 SRG DPP T17 T18
27/3/14 SRG DPP T19 T20
28/3/14 SRG DPP T21 T22
29/3/14 SRG DPP T23 T24

Tn— nth tutorial
Tea Breaks—11.00-11.30 and 15.30-16.00
Lunch Break— 13.00 - 14.30

Selected Applicants

(Go through the list carefully and then write to me (if you have any querry))

Sr SID Ful Name Gender 1st Step Status
of hard copy received
(R) /not received(NR) at CEMS
2nd Step
3rd Step
1 4891 Dr. Amit K. K Awasthi Male R Confirmed Not coming
2 4901 Mr Amrinder Pal Singh Male NR Not coming ---
3 4909 Dr. Bibhas Chandra Saha Male R Confirmed Confirmed
4 4931 Dr. Rakesh Kumar Bajaj Male R Confirmed Not coming
5 4944 Mr. Faroz Ahmad Bhat Male R Confirmed Confirmed
6 4950 Mr. Hrishikesh Vidyadhar Khaladkar Male R Not coming ---
7 4955 Mr. Sunil Dattu Howal Male R Not coming ---
8 4956 Dr. Shery  Fernandez Male R Confirmed Confirmed
9 4957 Mr. Ram  Kishor Male R Not coming ---
10 4961 Mr. Edwin  Tomson Male R Confirmed Confirmed
11 4968 Dr. Harish  Chandra Male R Confirmed Confirmed
12 4972 Dr. Harpreet  Kaur Female R Confirmed Confirmed
13 4975 Dr. Juthika  Mahanta Female NR Not coming ---
14 4996 Mr. Gobinda Chandra Panda Male R Confirmed Confirmed
15 5003 Mr. Vishal  Gupta Male R Confirmed Confirmed
16 5033 Mr Prithwiraj  Halder Male R Confirmed Confirmed
17 5034 Mr. Sharad Bhagwanrao Kadam Male NR Not coming ---
18 5039 Dr Ashok Kumar Goli Male R Confirmed Confirmed
19 5073 Dr Sharan  Jeet Female NR Not coming ---
20 5081 Mr. Virivinti  Kiran Male NR Not coming ---
21 5097 Mr. Pawan  Tamta Male R Confirmed Confirmed
22 5110 Dr. Dhananjoy  Mandal Male R Confirmed Confirmed
23 5111 Dr. Hemlata  Pande Female R Confirmed Confirmed
24 5112 Ms Jita  Parida Female R Confirmed Confirmed
25 5118 Mr. Gurusamy  Rajendran Male NR/will be sent by 25th Not coming ---
26 5119 Mr. Durai Baskar  Arunachalam Male NR Not coming ---
27 5123 Mr. D.Durga  Prasad Male R Confirmed Confirmed
28 5139 Mr. Dilip  Jain Male NR/send scanned copy by 25th Confirmed Not coming
29 5141 Dr. Amarpreet  Kaur Female NR Not coming ---
30 5160 Mr. Girish Chandra Nayak Male NR Not coming ---
31 5174 Dr. Sunil Kumar Chanyal Male R  Confirmed  Confirmed
32 5189 Dr Nagaiah  Thandu Male R  Confirmed  Confirmed
33 4893 Dr. Khushwant Singh Chahal Male R  Confirmed  Confirmed
34 4895 Mr. Suhail Gulzar Mattoo Male R Confirmed   Confirmed
35 4896 Mr. Sajad Hussain Ahangar Male R  Confirmed  Confirmed
36 4917 Mr. Irshad Ahmad Sheikh Male R Confirmed   Confirmed
37 4959 Ms. Dilpreet  Kaur Female R Confirmed   Confirmed
38 5024 Ms Jayeeta  Saha Female R Confirmed  Confirmed
39 5025 Mr. Bipul  Pal Male R Confirmed   Confirmed
40 5027 Dr. Sudip Kumar Pal Male R  Not coming ---
41 5099 Mr. Prabakaran  P Male R Confirmed  Confirmed 
42 5121 Ms Lubna Wali Shah Female R Confirmed  Confirmed 
43 5126 Ms Tawheeda  Rasool Female R  Confirmed Confirmed 
44 5165 Mr. Mohd  Furkan Male R Confirmed  Confirmed 
45 5178 Mr. Gagandeep  Singh Male R Confirmed  Confirmed 
Confirmation of Wait-Listed Participants
( here only those names will appear who have confirmed all 3 steps)
Sr SID Ful Name Gender 1st Step Status of
hard copy received (R)/not
received(NR) at CEMS
2nd Step
3rd Step
1 5124 Vijay Kumar Yadav Male R Confirmed  Confirmed 
2 4969 Mohit Kumar Male R Confirmed  Confirmed 
3 4970 Narottam Singh Chauhan Male R Confirmed  Confirmed 
4 5037 Laxmi Narayan Mishra Male R Confirmed  Confirmed 
5 4911 Akanksha Agrawal (F) Female R Confirmed  Confirmed 
6 5075 Sayantan Mukherjee Male R Confirmed  Confirmed 
7 4921 Bharath Kumar Ethamakula Male R Confirmed  Confirmed 
8 5022 Meenu Devi (Rathore) Female R Confirmed  Confirmed 
9 5146 Shiv Prasad   R Confirmed  Confirmed 
10 4975 Shelly Garg Female R Confirmed  Confirmed 
11 4197 Deepmala Female R Confirmed  Confirmed 
CEMS Invitees / Local participants
1   Dilip Kumar Male R Confirmed  Confirmed 
2   Sunny Manchanda Male R Confirmed  Confirmed 
3 5182 Deepa Kandpal (F) Female R Confirmed  Confirmed 
4 5183 Jyoti Rani (F) Female R Confirmed  Confirmed 

Very -Very Important:



Those who needs selection/invitation letter for leave from their institute/college/university should send mail to . Please do not forget to mention followings:

  1. Title (Dr./Mr/Ms)
  2. Name
  3. Department
  4. Address of institution where you are working with PIN-Code.


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    Mobile: 919810528236 E-mail:
  3. For updates visit :

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