Archives ATM Schools 2014

Sr. Order Dates School Venue

Mathematical Panorama Lectures

1 147 5th May to 10th May p-adic Reductive Groups TIFR, Mumbai
Annual Foundation Schools
2 141 1st May to 28th May AFS-II @ CEMS, Almora CEMS, Almora
3 139 1st May to 28th May AFS-II @ KSOM, Kozhikode KSOM, Kozhikode
4 142 26th May to 21st Jun AFS-III Pune University
5 162 1st Dec to 27th Dec AFS-I (IIT Madras) IIT Madras
6 163 1st Dec to 27th Dec AFS-I (CEMS, Almora) CEMS, Almora
7 164 1st Dec to 27th Dec AFS-I (NISER, Bhubaneswar) NISER, Bhubaneswar
Instructional Schools for Lecturers
 8 138 17th Mar to 29th Mar Linear Algebra CEMS, Almora
 9 140 9th Jun to 28th Jun Numerical Analysis Panjab University
10 149 7th July to 19th July Geometric Topology BHU, Varanasi
11 158 3rd Nov to 15th Nov Real Analysis BIM, Pune
12 165 1st Dec to 13th Dec Galois Theory SGGS, Nanded
13 166 8th Dec to 20th Dec Differential Geometry Banasthali Vidyapeeth
Advanced Instructional Schools
14 137 28th Apr to 17th May Combinatorics HRI, Allahabad
15 145 2nd Jun to 21st Jun Operator Theory ISI, Bangalore
16 150 16th Jun to 4th July Diophantine Eqns HP Univ, Shimla
17 143 2nd Jun to 21st Jun Quadratic forms IISER, Mohali
18 148 7th July to 26th July Lie Groups IIT Bombay
19 144 7th July to 26thJuly Algebraic Number Theory CMI, Chennai
20 146 16thJun to 5th July Cryptography SETS, Chennai
21 160 1st Dec to 19th Dec Schemes & Cohomology KSOM, Kozhikode
22 134 6th Jan to 10th Jan Analysis and Geometry      TIFR-CAM,Bangalore
23 135 9th Feb to 13th Feb Computational Algebraic Geometry IIST, Trivandrum
24 136 17th Mar to 22nd Mar Graph Theory KSOM, Kozhikode
25 156 4thAug to 9th Aug Differential Geometry University of Pune
26 161 6th Oct to 11th Oct Topological Combinatorics HRI, Allahabad
27 153 2ndDec to 7thDec Conservation laws with applications to continuum mechanics  PU, Chandigarh
28 159 8th Dec to 20th Dec PDE &  Fourier Analysis  IIT Kanpur
29 154 9th Dec to 19th Dec Operator Theory and Operator Algebras ISI,Bangalore
30 157 17th Dec to 22nd Dec Lattices : Geometry and Dynamics IISER, Mohali
31 168 1st Dec to 12th Dec Preliminary workshop on Symplectic Geometry and Contact Topology     HRI, Allahabad
32 169 15th Dec to 22nd Dec Advanced workshop and Discussion on Symplectic Geometry and Contact Topology TIFR, Mumbai
Teacher’s Enrichment Workshop
33 151 27th May to 2nd Jun Finite Group Theory Punjabi University, Patiala
34 152 15th April to 21st April Rings & Modules D.A.V. College, Jalandhar, Punjab.
35 167 23rd Dec to 27th Dec Complex Analysis and Topology Barddhaman Bhavan, Burdwan,  West Bengal
Discussion Meeting
36 155 24th Mar to 28th Mar Analytic & Algebraic Geometry KSOM, Kozhikode